Jobs and qualifications

Jobs in market research cover a wide range of skills and responsibility. Depending on your qualifications and experience, you could become an account manager, an analyst, a consultant, a field manager, a researcher, an IT specialist, a project manager, a research executive, a statistician – just a few of the many roles available.

Vocational qualifications

You can study for a career in market research by taking a vocational or professional qualification or by going to university. The National Database of Accredited Qualifications at lists all the vocational qualifications that you can aim for.

For example, the City and Guilds of London Institute offers a Level 2 Certificate in Market and Social Research in partnership with the Market Research Society. Or alternatively, the Chartered Institute of Marketing awards a Level 3 Introductory Certificate in Marketing or a Level 4 Professional Certificate in Marketing for students wishing to progress through the vocational route.

Academic qualifications

If you prefer to take the academic path, several UK universities offer degrees in marketing or market research.

The University of Reading has a BSc in consumer behaviour and marketing, either three years full-time or four years including an industrial placement.

At the University of Plymouth you can do undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in social research. The course is accredited by the Market Research Society.

Strathclyde University’s Business School has undergraduate honours degrees in Marketing as well as Masters programmes in Marketing and International Marketing.

And you can study for a Marketing BA at Bournemouth University  This degree also takes four years (including a 40-week placement).

Other influential UK business schools such as Cranfield School of Management and Manchester Business School offer highly rated courses in marketing.

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